Designed to set a personal statement. Created to embrace inner goddesses. Made for greatness.

For almost her entire life the German-American-Dutch founder and Creative Director Eva Van Basten has grown up between and experienced different cultures and has especially dedicated the last ten years of her life to her passion - the fashion industry.
Before lastly working for the prestigious designer TOM FORD in his London headquarters, Eva completed her Masters in Fashion Business Management in the metropole, and has worked many years in retail management for the Danish company BESTSELLER RETAIL in Luxembourg and Germany.

Always being a creative and strong-willed young individual and with her complex retail background in which she gained extensive management experience and customer insight along with her expertise in the luxury fashion industry, which fostered her love and attention to quality and detail; and a family-background of creative individuals and entrepreneurs she felt inspired, strengthened and ready to take on her life-dream of founding her own fashion brand at the age of 27, which she dedicated to her mother Eunice and her father Wilhelm-Anton.

The unique, fancy and trendy pieces of VAN BASTEN, designed by Eva between Germany and London, offer fashionistas significantly more than just an alternate purchase option to already existing european fashion brands.

VAN BASTEN represents fashionable and at highest quality produced collections, which are inspired by international fashion-trends, which have been brought into life by luxury brands and have been approved and celebrated by it-girls, trendsetters and starlets worldwide.

The after-five-styles from VAN BASTEN are designed to flatter the female silhouette and further promote its advantages in order to provide fashionistas a breathtaking and memorable appearance.

When designing, Eva still today follows the idea of creating a unique and trendy style for herself, which is actually how VAN BASTEN was brought into life - because she used to create her own wardrobe for nights out whilst living in London. When she noticed that girls were complimenting her outfits more and more, she experienced the deep desire to share her designs with the world.


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